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16 April 2013 @ 07:58 am
Yesterday I was asked by a friend to take a picture of Parvaneh. I am completely out of practise with my camera; all the pictures I took are blurred or out of focus (we best avoid talking about lighting - it was at night, so only harsh artificial light for you) :/ Here is at least one pic which turned out a bit better than the rest...

She is currently wearing some glass eyes that will most likely be changed to some light blue/green/grey custom urethanes once these are finally done, but right now I think the hazel ones suit her pretty well, too.

Parvaneh is a Minifee dreaming Marcia with a faceup by the talented Rianne
25 March 2013 @ 11:34 pm
Since apparently I can not manage to take pics of my dolls or post in any semblance of regularity, I though I could at least give a small update on my dollgroup. Since January, I have not really managed to sew anything new, so poor Neziah (my MNF Chloe) still doesn't have any of her steampunk-inspired gear other than a simple blouse. My dreaming Marcia Parvaneh at least already got a whole winter outfit during January. Her eyes will probably not arrive before June, but I hope that I can either at least finish cutting/styling her wig or get one that has the intended style. Both Nez' and Parvaneh were bought with the corresponding second heads and I tried to develope some concepts for these as well. Last month, I sent the sleeping MNF Chloe head to have her eyes opened and for a faceup afterwards. She is now on her way back and the artist gave permission to post her photos. So, in lieu of some own pictures, I present someone elses ^^;

Anyway, here she is, eyes opened by Taya from Dark Horizons, painted by Shiroi/Bake_neko from Pearls of Danube

I really like how the faceup turned out - to me, it is super pretty; although, the same holds true for Nez and Parvaneh - all have different style [hopefully] suiting their characters and turned out gorgeous. I feel a bit guilty for not taking more pictures/being more creative with my group but somehow, time and motivation rarely ever co-occur nowadays.
She'll probably need special eyes to prevent gaping but I think I'll find something. More importantly, I'm still looking for a good body to hybrid her - she is suposed to be taller than the MNFs and if possible a bit more athletic.... While not super-athletic looking, I really like the overall look of the Aquarius doll body and am hoping that the skinetones are compatible (although it is rather unlikely). And she is still nameless, too >_< While I have some candidate names, I'm not really happy with them. Let's see how everything will turn out.
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03 February 2013 @ 10:53 pm
Sorry. there are just two teaser pics until I have taken proper pictures. Basically, the story is I sewed through the whole night and had ~ 20 min to pose Parvaneh, take pictures, upload them + try to quickly edit resize them + post them on DoA. I literally did this in the last minute before the deadline of the challenge, meaning the pictures are absolute crap, since in the hurry, she didn't want to pose, my cats were constantly photobombing and I just snaped away, resulting in blurry/out of focus pictures in fron of a white wall >_< (also, I din't completely finish - the pants are still lacking a snap, so I would like to fix this before "proper" pictures) So here are the unfortunately best two picture, not really showing much of the clothes, but at least not too out of focus:

02 February 2013 @ 11:11 am

I've been sewing doll clothes on and off for quite some time already, pretty much self-teaching from the basics. Since I find (or maybe also make) rarely time for it, right now each and every piece is still a large learning experience. With my two girls, already in the planning stage of their characters, I got a huge rush of inspiration for their clothes. My MNF Chloe, Neziah is supposed to wear steampunk-inspired clothes whereas my Marcia Parvaneh wears contemporary stuff. On DoA, there is a sewing challenge called Project Runway (inspired by the show) with monthly challenges with a wide range of topics. I decided to participate for the first time for the January challenge "Winter Wonderland", asking you to design a 3-piece casual outfit + accessories of winterclothes for a high end brand.
I'm quite late - with extension, the deadline is today and I still need to pattern+sew one top, attach a snap to the pants and finish sewing up lining and collar of the coat after attaching buttons + snaps. Sooo I hope I can finish in time.
However, right now I'm quite excited, as even through all the mistakes, the coat seems to turn out quite cute?!? I guess it's too early but I hope in the end it looks somewhat close to what I imagined *wibble* Should everything work out, I will finally even have some pictures to post (although with stolen eyes and hacked up wig that still need to get the proper cut)!

18 January 2013 @ 12:10 am
My MNF Marcia head returned from its face-up in Alaska. She still is missing her eyes (substitutes were sent out yesterday but won't arrive earlier than two weeks from now, the "real" eyes will take several months; she would need to borrow some), her wig still needs to be cut and styled and I won't finish her proper clothes in time for the meet. So, to bring her along anyway or not?
29 November 2012 @ 12:47 pm
A)  Yesterday I finally finished the last of the gyoza (60+ yaki gyoza, less than 60 with vegetarian filling). They are now safely stored in the freezer for the party. One fingerfood down. The rest of the food I'll probably only be able to make on the day or the day before. Oh yeah, as you can see, the vote of majority went to the japanese themed food.

The plan is:
- salad with common japanese dressings
- gyoza
- party sushi (kind of DIY, the way my japanese collegues offer for big get-togethers)
- curry rice (meat and no-meat version)
- yatsuhashi

potentially one or two side dishes more, one dessert more. However, I have a hard time estimating how much I will be able to make in the timeframe, so I'd rather not promise anything.

Sounds good?

I'm still unsure about the logistics. It might be best to push the table next to the wall and offer the food buffet-style while freeing up the rest of the living room for chairs and cushions as seating area. With ~18 people, it will be a tight fit. Maybe we will have to split into two groups, with the second group in my bedroom...

B) Today I also finally finished the last batch of chocolates/ pralines just in time for my Dad's birthday party tomorrow. He turned 50 yesterday and asked for some selfmade chocolates. I went overboard and wanted to make 10 different kinds --> ~ 580 chocolates in total @_@
At least this way I can offer a bunch to my family and coworkers for Christmas.

So, I can cross of two things of my list of things to do before Christmas. Now I just have to finish the ... rest.... u_u
30 September 2012 @ 11:44 am
So, there is this girl. I've had her character in my mind since 2008 and been looking for a mold since then. In 2011 I finally bought a MNF Chloe for her, which is a good fit, but still a bit of a compromise. At that time, I was quite busy and the customizers I was considering were unavailable. So she stayed in the box.
Maybe half a year later, I managed to draft the patterns for her blouse and jacket. I was actually quite inspired for several outfits and had already bought the fabric for them in 2010. Since I don't have a reliable sewing machine, I sew everything by hand. This is quite tedious and takes a long time. I started the blouse, but didn't finish it.
In December, I managed to commission her wig, which the wigmaker started in January. However, apparently the wig was quite difficult to produce, as the styling process (I wanted very dense curls) somehow tended to bleach the haircolor. I received the wig in April/May(?). In the meantime, I finally managed to mod her a tiny bit and send her of to a faceup artist. The artist gave her a gorgeous faceup but unfortunately needed to redo it because it the last sealing step did not take due to humidity. When I got the head back and had it side by side with the commissioned wig, it turned out that the wig was much less dark-red-brown than planned and the faceup due to the substitute wig I sent with it a darker red-brown that had a too strong burgundy tone. So wig and faceup don't exactly match. I would have recommissioned either customizer, but unfortunately the faceup artist dislikes the mold and has since then declined to work on it anymore and the wigmaker had too much trouble with my wig and already almost gave up on it. So for now I take what I have.
In June I was finally able to purchase my girl's eyes, as the eyemaker reopened the shop after one year. Here again I needed to compromise, as my first choice of eyes was immediatly sold out.

Somehow, my girl turned out to be full of compromises. I did not expect her to be so difficult.

Recently, I have started working on her blouse again. By now, I only need to add the cuff links, give it a wash and some ironing and it'll be done finally. I'll try to get some upper bust pictures within the next few days and start working on drafting more patterns - she still needs (underwear,) pants, her jacket, vest, tool belt, boots, a formal dress with corset,... XD Maybe she will be don in a few years?
BUT: At long last I ordered a sewing machine yesterday. If everything works out - fingers crossed - I will accelerate my sewing a bit :D

TL;DR: Four years after conceptualization, my girl is still not done. However, I will take "WIP" pictures anyway in hopes of self motivation and start/continue on outfitting her soonish.
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the last few weeks have been busy again - with labwork as well as work-related stuff. life-blahblah and plant-picture spamCollapse )

Today it suddenly rained cats and dogs and I decided to take some wannabe-artsy/pretty shots of wet flowers >_> except for resizing/cropping I didn't do anything, so they might be a bit dull and very samey looking

and with this I conclude this big post of nothing
17 April 2011 @ 05:28 pm
I just realized I again haven't posted in almost a year. In any case, I'm still alive - I finished my Master, moved during writing my thesis, finished it traveling back and forth in-between both cities and had my defense on the supposed first day of my PhD. Things are finally settling down; I am down to four moving-boxes with stuff that needs to be put away. Most of my apartment is done except for my living room. I am still waiting for my couch (ordered at the end of January :/) and tomorrow my wall system will be delivered. Due to some shenanigans with my internet provider/the present landline I still don't have normal internet or a landline, which is quite annoying and expensive.

While I have started with my PhD already, I have mostly been reading up on the topic + background info, as I'm waiting for my plants to grow to start my experiments. I'm really looking forward to finally getting full swing into it - it's a great project, people are nice, and the workplace is nice, though a bit remote.

Speaking of plants: since I have a balcony, I wanted to grow a lot of edible plants, so I ordered quite a number of seeds in February + used seeds extracted from some sweet peppers and physalis to get my first seedlings growing. I underestimated my success a bit, as most of the seeds planted actually germinated ^^;. I'm now at a number of 85 plants/seedlings which are made up of green peppers, physalis, tomatoes, strawberries, thyme, sage, majoram and pumpkin. Obviously, I can't keep all of these but I would have felt bad trashing them, so I started to give them away. There are still some herbs and strawberries unspoken for (peppers and physalis might be negotiable), so if some of you folks from around want some, speak up ;)!

I haven't taken dolly pics in a looooong while - master thesis, applications, moving etc took my time. I'm kind of in the mood to take some again, but at the same time, I'm lacking inspiration right now. I guess, when things are fully settled down, I will find time for it.

That's pretty much all right now.

tl;dr: have been busy, still am busy, but life isn't too bad right now.
18 July 2010 @ 08:11 am
This should probably be called "Yas is sooo whipped!" Somehow, I tend to end up emasculating him... I guess at some point I need to get him some manly clothes and do an awesome photo shoot to make up for that. Maybe some Old Spice would help, too. In any case, this frightful, powerful, venerated, blahblahblah ice-demon had to babysit. Again. Hesio slipped Emile and Io a few small stones, muttering something about "finding home again"...

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